Traveling with AAA

Looking to get away from the snow? Linda Snyder from AAA walks through some last minute items you’ll want in your suitcase when planning your spring trip.

Travelpro Underseater

  • Sits under your seat so you can keep things close by on the plane.

Fashion Items

  • Coverups, hats, convertible scarfs
  • Fun prints

3D Coloring Kit

  • Something fun and different to keep kids busy
  • 3D character coloring kit

Packable Backpack

  • Sturdy packable backpack
  • Handy to take out during the day

Adapter Plugs

  • Good for international travel

“No Jet Lag”

  • A homeopathic jet lag preventative

Personal Alarms

  • With a whistle and alarm
  • Something to carry in your purse or on a key chain

New Compression Bags

  • Compresses really bulky items
  • Double zip to really compress the items

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