Wednesday March 1 Weather

Quick Burst of Snow this morning brought 1” to 2” of Snow to the Twin Cities area but temperatures in the mid 30s this morning helped quickly Melt the Snow off the Roads.  Rest of Today will bring some Light Snow, Light Rain, Drizzle to the Twin Cities with any Snow Accumulation north of the downtown areas and any Snow Accumulation less than 1”.  North of the Twin Cities toward St.Cloud, Brainerd, Hinckley and Duluth will see temperatures below 32 degrees meaning Roads will be Slippery all day and more Snow will fall with 1” to 2” possible in Saint Cloud, Mora, Hinckley with higher amounts of +6” this afternoon from Brainerd to Duluth and across northwest Wisconsin. 

Calmer Weather Thursday through Sunday in the Twin Cities while on Friday a Winter Storm will bring +6” of Snow from eastern Iowa through northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin including Davenport, Cedar Rapids and northeast through Dubuque, Rockford, Chicago, Madison and Milwaukee. 


Cloudy  with  Drizzle,  Light  Rain  and  Light  Snow  Showers  – any  Snow  Accumulation  less  than  1”  in  areas  north  of  downtown  Minneapolis  and  downtown  Saint  Paul.   Chance  for  Drizzle,  Light  Rain  and  Light  Snow  Showers  is  60%.  

HIGH:  36  Degrees.

Wind:  Southwest  5  to  15  mph. 


Mostly  Cloudy  and  Colder. 

LOW:   18  Degrees.     

Wind:  Northwest  at  5  to  15  mph.   


Cloudy  in  the  morning  then  Partly  Cloudy  in  the  afternoon.

HIGH:  32  Degrees.   

Wind:  Northwest  at  5  to  15  mph. 


LOW:   12  Degrees.  


FRIDAY………….…39 / 20  Partly Cloudy.

SATURDAY…….…37 / 18  Cloud & Sun Mix.