Flowers ready for Mother’s Day after heavy snowfall pushed back growing season

Flowers ready for Mother’s Day and busy spring weekend

Flowers ready for Mother's Day and busy spring weekend

Flower shops and nurseries are gearing up for Mother’s Day and looking forward to finally seeing more spring-like temperatures.

Experts say because of the heavy snow from this past winter, many in the industry are about 3 to 4 weeks behind a typical spring.

“The heavy snowfall has caused a delay in a lot of things,” said Heather Johnson, Horticulturist at Bachman’s. “Even though we had a late spring, we’re like three to four weeks late for this spring; we’re all ready.”

Just in time for Mother’s Day, Bachman’s Horticulturist Heather Johnson says it’s their second busiest weekend of the year, behind only Valentine’s Day.

“This weekend is so busy, not only for the gift side of things with Mother’s Day but also for the garden,” Johnson said.

She adds that May is the perfect time to do most of your gardening and planting.

“This is always the most exciting time of the year,” Johnson said.

“I like to go out and see what made it through the winter; it’s like I can’t believe these perennials woke up,” said Betty Thooft, who was shopping at Bachman’s on Friday.

This is also the time of year when plenty of customers have questions about what to do and what not to do with their gardens. Johnson’s first piece of advice is to know what kind of soil you’re working with.

“That’s going to help you determine which plants are going to work best in your area,” Johnson said.

Johnson also advises taking advantage of spring temperatures.

“We want to make sure that before the weather gets really hot and dry that you put anything you want established for the summer in your yard, so it has enough time to get watered in, to have its roots established,” Johnson said.

At Bachman’s Cedar Acres in Farmington, the greenhouses allow them the opportunity to work year-round on getting ready for weekends like this.

“We’re able to start plants in here earlier than we would be able to if we were outdoors,” Johnson said.

Customers say they’re looking forward to buying flowers to celebrate Mom and say hello again to their gardens.

“Yeah, it’s like re-birth,” Thooft said.

Bachman’s has expanded hours during Mother’s Day Weekend. For more information, visit