Representative Quam interrupts, shouts at committee members during meeting

A Minnesota House Election Finance and Policy committee meeting went awry on Wednesday after shouting from Byron’s Republican Representative Duane Quam.

According to Hubbard-owned affiliate KAAL-TV, the committee was debating a bill that would expand early voting in Minnesota. Toward the end, Representative Quam asked a question regarding the checks and balances that counties have to go through that apply to voting.

Quam grew angry after feeling that his questions were going unanswered.

Video obtained from KAAL showed Quam shouting and ignoring DFL committee chair Mike Freiberg as he pounded the gavel.

“No. I will not allow you to ignore valid questions. I didn’t get an answer to my first question,” Quam yells. “You say, ‘No follow-ups.’ You need to actually cover the bill.”

Quam spoke with KAAL following the committee meeting, saying his behavior was inappropriate. “The appropriate thing would have been to recess, have a conference on the side and straighten stuff out, stop closing down discussion debate, and let us ask our questions,” Quam explained.

Quam is concerned about oversight because of the speed the DFL has been passing bills. Quam added there is no bad blood between the two.