Minnesota State Patrol announces plan to crack down on dangerous driving

Minnesota State Patrol announces plan to crack down on dangerous driving

Minnesota State Patrol announces plan to crack down on dangerous driving

The Minnesota State Patrol has shared its plan to combat street racing, speeding and other dangerous driving behaviors ahead of the summer months.

State troopers and representatives from other local law enforcement agencies said Tuesday that multiple agencies will be working together again through the summer, both on the ground and in the air, to break up street racing gatherings and make sure drivers are following the law.

“Street racing and intersection takeovers are not innocent acts. They put lives at risk, cause major disturbances to neighborhoods, and damage to private property and public roadways,” Col. Matt Langer, chief of the Minnesota State Patrol, said. “Communities are tired of it. We are dedicated to working with our partners to keep Minnesotans safe and send a message that street racing will not be tolerated.”

Since law enforcement officials began work to crack down on street racing, the State Patrol says it has seen fewer street racing gatherings, although those that remain have become more aggressive and dangerous.

Just since March 1, the State Patrol says law enforcement agencies have made 365 street racing stops, resulting in 460 citations, 20 arrests and another 10 intoxicated driving arrests.

“Illegal street racing and vehicle takeovers are not just an issue in Saint Paul but across the country,” said St. Paul Police Sgt. Jermaine Davis. “These groups can display dangerous and reckless behavior that can put lives at risk. We are committed, along with our other law enforcement agencies in the metro area, to bringing an end to this illegal activity.”

“Street racing needlessly puts Minnesotans lives in harm’s way. Our analysts will continue to work to identify locations where this dangerous activity is occurring to help bring street racing to an end,” Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension Superintendent Drew Evans added.

Last year, the State Patrol said it made 1,995 stops during street racing enforcement from April 15 to Dec. 31. Of those stops, 804 speeding citations and warnings were given and 167 arrests were made, including 66 DWI arrests. The agency also used Highway Enforcement for Aggressive Traffic (HEAT) patrols, which resulted in a total of 26,688 stops from Feb. 15 to Dec. 31 last year. Those stops led to 21,436 speeding contacts and 313 arrests, 165 of which were DWI arrests.