Man charged for bringing loaded handguns into elementary school where he worked

A man is facing multiple criminal charges after police say he brought loaded guns into Loring Elementary School where he worked in late April.

A criminal complaint names Derrick Lee Lind, 20, as a man charged with possessing a dangerous weapon on school property, negligent storage of a firearm that is accessible to children and possessing a pistol in public without a permit to carry.

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Police say they responded to Loring Elementary School for reports of a person with a gun on April 23. Officers were then told that Lind brought two loaded handguns to the school inside a black bag that was left on a table.

A student then found the bag and gave it to a teacher, who then noticed the guns, according to the criminal complaint. The complaint states also that Lind was not near the bag when the student found it.

Court documents state that an emergency management staff member then spoke to Lind, who said the bag was his and he didn’t want to leave it in his vehicle because his vehicle doesn’t lock.

That staff member then told Lind he could not have his guns back and that he had to leave the school. The complaint states Lind then became upset and “trashed a room” before he left.

Both handguns were loaded with a round in the chamber, the complaint states.

Police then discovered that one of the guns was reported stolen and the other had an auto switch or an auto sear attached to it, which is an illegal modification under federal law.

Surveillance footage shows Lind step out of his vehicle with a black bag matching the one found with the guns inside, the complaint states.

If convicted, Lind faces a maximum penalty of seven years behind bars and $16,000 worth of fines.