Man arrested, charged in Uptown Target burglary pleads guilty

A Plymouth man has pleaded guilty to a charge related to a burglary at the Target store located in Uptown.

Derrick Hansen, 43, was previously charged with first-degree arson and third-degree burglary. Hansen’s plea agreement states if accepted, the arson charge will be dismissed at a sentencing hearing for the burglary charge.

The plea agreement goes on to say he would also need to complete both a chemical and a mental health assessment and be put on probation for three years.

Minneapolis police previously stated Hansen was suspected of starting a fire in a garbage can inside the entrance to the store. Responding officers found Hansen at the scene and arrested him.

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Meanwhile, firefighters dealt with the fire and the activation of Target’s sprinkler system. The store was mostly undamaged and reopened for business shortly after.

Hansen’s sentencing is scheduled for March 31.