Edina senator recovering after medical emergency, surgery

A Minnesota senator from Edina is recovering after she suffered a medical emergency earlier this week, according to a statement from her team.

Senator Alice Mann (DFL-Edina) was diagnosed with cholecystitis, an inflammation of the gallbladder, and told she needed emergency surgery to remove her gallbladder earlier in the week, the statement said.

Mann confirmed in her statement that the surgery went well and she is recovering without complications, however, she will not be returning to the Capitol for the next two weeks.

Senator Mann chief-authored the paid family and medical leave legislation, which has been closely watched and debated by many. The legislation passed on the Senate floor and Mann then worked as the Senate chair of the conference committee for the legislation.

“I intended to present the Conference Committee Report for the statewide program on the Senate floor, making this priority bill a reality for Minnesotans. Unfortunately, I will not physically be at the Senate to present the Conference Committee Report or to celebrate when we pass this historic legislation,” Mann said in a statement. “I am thankful for my Senate colleagues who have stepped up and will help bring the Paid Family and Medical Leave legislation to the finish line. I will continue to be active during the final week of the legislative session; by reading my emails, communicating with my colleagues, and utilizing remote voting.”