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Spring Cleaning with St. Croix Cleaners

There’s something special about a new spring season that can lift people’s spirts with warmer temperatures and sunshine. The new season may also motivate you to tackle your spring to-do list. St. Croix Cleaners, store manager, Angie Spears stopped by with spring cleaning tips before you pack away all of your winter clothes.

Cleaning tips and tricks:

Use a bar of laundry soap to remove makeup stains on a blazer collar
1)    Dampen a wash cloth with water
2)    Dab a laundry soap bar onto the stain
3)    Re-dampen wash cloth and wipe away stain on blazer collar
Use a shaving razor to remove pills from a sweater
1)    Grab a shaving/shower razor
2)    Hold the area of the garment taut you intend to work on
3)    Gently run razor over the pills to remove
Remove deodorant marks from clothing
1)    Put a nylon sock stocking on your hand
2)    Simply run the stocking over the deodorant mark to remove