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Gotta Have It - Fit For Spring

TCL Producer Lisa Adams stopped by the studio with some products that will you've gotta have to get fit for the spring season. 

Check these out!

-Try out Ellie Activewear subscription box where you'll recieve a box of 3-piece or 5 piece workout clothingdepending on your preference. Subscriptions are either 39.99 or 49,99 a month. 

(Use promo code: GOTTAHAVE25 for 25% off through end of April 2019)

-SimplyProtein are high protein and low sugar snacks perfect to help you power through your workout.

(Use promo code: KSTP20 for 20% off of first order through April 15, 2019)

-Big Raven Yoga are high qulity yoga mats made locally here in Minnesota with prints that are designed by artists right here in our state.

(Use promo code: BIGRAVEN15 for 15% off order)

-Que Bottles are on a mission to help reduce plastic waste by creatign a collasible water bottle made out of 100% biodegradible materials.