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Circuits and Intervals at Home

Chris Freytag is a health and fitness coach, author, mom and creator of Get Healthy U. It’s a website that includes easy-to-follow workout ideas that can be done right in your own home. She stopped by with workout ideas to embrace circuits and intervals at home.

Interval workout: 
Warm up 1-2 Minutes
1. Squat to Back rolls: to warm up the lower body and the spine.  Warm ups are all about mobility - mobilize the joints and wake up muscles.
2. Skipping in place:  Warms up the calves, legs, shoulders and gets the heart beat elevated.
Circuits and Intervals at Home
1.    20 sec work:  (Strength) Squat to lung - alternating legs
2.    10 sec rest
3.    20 Sec work: (Cardio) Skaters
4.    10 sec rest
5.    20 Sec work: (Strength) Pushups to a T-Side Plank
6.    10 sec rest:
7.    20 Sec work: (Cardio) Burpees
8.    10 sec rest:

*Repeat for a total of 4 times equaling 8 minutes of exercise.
Two minute warm up plus eight minutes of intervals = 10 min workout 
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