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TCL in Your Town: Shoreview, February 28th

The week of February 25th, Twin Cities Live is highlighting some of the unique spots, restaurants, shopping, and people of Shoreview!  All week, we’ll bring stories that feature this town – then on Thursday, February 28th, we invite you to join us at Shore 96!

Shore 96 is the place to be as Steve Patterson hosts the show LIVE from there on February 28th from 3-4:30 PM. Join us! It's free and you don't need a ticket.  Just show up and join the fun!

Shore 96

1056 Hwy 96 W
Shoreview, MN 55126

(651) 482-8829

From 1:00 - 4:30 PM Shore 96 is offering:
$5 Cheeseburger Baskets
                           $5 Crispy Chicken Sandwich with fries
                                 $8 Paddy Shack Burger with fries

                             $3 Domestic Taps & Bottles
                          $1 off all rail drinks

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