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Parenting Advice: Children Home for The Holidays

Author and Parent Expert Kelly Radi gave some advice on how to be prepared for your children being home for the holidays this season. 

How to Prepare: 

1. Communicate: Discuss expectatiions

2. Be Realistic: Understand they will want to spend some time with friends and doing other activities

3. Be Flexible: Requires mutual respect and cooperation 

Stocking Stuffer Ideas: 

Fun & Games

Rubik’s Cube
Wind up (poop) emoji
Cards Against Humanity
Stabilo Fine Point Pens
Journals and notebooks
Inspirational mini-book 
Harry Potter anything 

Candy & Snacks
Hot cocoa mixes
Holiday-themed candies
Beef jerky
Vitamins - 8 Greens tablets

Bath & Body
Bath bombs
Facial sheet masks 
Lip gloss
Body wash
Facial cleanser
Makeup sponges
Nail Polish
Silly themed Band-Aids 

Clothing & Winter Gear
Silly socks
Holiday boxers
College wear - baseball cap

Mobile phone case
Ear buds

Car deodorizers
Dorm-sized multi-tool
Water bottle or travel coffee mug

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