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Clueless Inspired Fashion

If you were a 90's kid, chances are you were super jealous of Cher's epic closet system. It was a time where knee high socks and yellow plaid miniskirts were all the rage. Mall of America Trend Expert, Sara Rogers says clueless fashion is back and she stopped by to prove it.


    top    Express    $59.90
    bottom    Express    $49.90
    shoes    Doc Martens    $154.95
    socks    Express    $12.90

    poncho    New York & Company    $59.95
    top    New York & Company    $39.95
    bottom    True Religion    $159.99
    shoes    A'Gaci    $28.90
    bag    New York & Company    $49.95

    coat    Buckle    $68.95
    top    Buckle    $64.00
    bottom    Buckle    $64.95
    shoes    DSW    $89.99
    bag    Express    $59.90

OPTION 1:       
    blazer    Express    $59.90
    top    Express    $59.90
    bottom    Express    $79.90
    shoes    Express    $79.90
    bag    A'Gaci    $22.90
    necklace    Express    $24.90