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DIY Autumn Décor

You’ve got your pumpkin spice candle burning, maybe your pumpkins are already on the front step. But we want to help you take that fall décor up a notch. The owner of Upsy-Daisy in White Bear Lake, Danielle Rode, is our resident DIY Expert and she stopped by with three weekend projects to bring Fall indoors.

1.    Wooden Pumpkins
•    4x4” wood post
•    Painters tape
•    Sandpaper
•    Paint and brush
•    Saw
•    Drill
•    Twig/branch

•    Sand any rough edges of your post
•    Cut to desired height
•    Paint in your base color (we used white) and let dry
•    Use painters tape to create pattern or design (we chose stripes)
•    Use second color and paint over entire surface, let dry.
•    Remove paint.
•    Sand paper to distress if desired.
•    Drill a hole at the top the circumference of your twig.
•    Insert twig at top of pumpkin.

2.    Centerpieces using Nature
+ Clear container – ball jars, vases, pickling jars, etc.
+ Natural items to fill: nuts in the shell, acorns, pine cones, rocks, moss, etc.
+ Item to top off your centerpiece: dried hydrangeas, feathers, dried grasses, etc.

+ Add your selected items into your container.
+ Layer as you wish.
+ Top with fun eye-catching items such as feathers, grasses, hydrangeas, etc.

3.    Fall Wreath
•    Choose an item as your wreath base. Could be a frame, large hoop, grapevine wreath, old shutter, etc.
•    Silk flowers from the craft store. Choose items with texture and varying colors to add dimension.
•    Hot glue gun
•    Wire cutters
•    Décor paper
•    Wood letters from the craft store
•    Decoupage medium (glue)
•    Paint brush
•    Ribbon to hang your wreath

•    Choose a base item for your wreath.
•    Cut the stems from your flowers and lay on your wreath.
•    Once you are happy with how they look, begin hot gluing in place.
•    To personalize, decoupage décor paper to a wood letter and hot glue gun or hang onto your wreath with a ribbon.
•    Use ribbon to display/hang your wreath on your front door.

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