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Minnesota State Fair Food & Beverage Manager

His official title is the Food and Beverage Manager for the Minnesota State Fair, but he’s also known as the Food Czar thanks to a newspaper article years ago. Dennis Larson has been responsible for picking new food vendors for decades. In fact, this is his twenty second year. It also just so happens to be his final year in charge. Dennis says it’s not an easy task deciding what is worthy of a new food title. However, he says thanks to a committee of folks, he does have some help.

Dennis says the fair has all sorts of classics that are a fair favorite year after year. That includes Sweet Martha’s cookies and pronto pups. He says they all have a story and a passion behind their success.  The goal is to fill a limited about of openings every year, but many of the new foods come from current vendors. And despite the theory that a lot of food is on a stick, Dennis says the goal is to have “new food, not freak food”. They really just want it to be good and not too gimmicky.

Dennis says the entire team truly works hard and makes the fair fun and of course fair food, memorable. It’s a team effort. A lot of money is made at the fair with these vendors. And prep to make sure everyone is good to go for next year’s twelve days begins the day after this year’s fair ends.