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Summer Gardening with Kids

Home and Garden Expert, Larry Pfarr says it’s not too late to start a garden this summer. He Stopped by with tips on how to get growing and get your kids involved, too.

Tips for Summer Gardening with Kids

  • Keep outdoor garden space for kids small
  • Personalize the space and make a sign with their name on it
  • Give them ownership of the space
  • Use a yardstick to record plant growth

Plants You Can Still Grow

  • Sunflowers
  • Zinnias
  • Marigolds
  • Lettuce                
  • Peas

Create a Theme Garden

  • Salsa garden
  • Pizza garden
  • Butterfly Garden

Summer Gardening Projects for Kids
1.    Customize Garden Container
       a.    Paint their name on it with flowers
       b.    Use a large 10” Container for Outdoor Use
       c.    Fill with annual flowers

2.    Moss Turtle
       a.    Fill Moss Turtle with outdoor succulents which are less expensive