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Outside The Box Bratwurst Ideas

Ben Spangler is the Executive Chef of Farm Table in Amery Wisconsin. He stopped by to share so delicious outside the box bratwurst ideas for your next patio party.

Mediterranean Bratwurst
1ea      Brat Bun
1oz      Hummus
1.5T     Garlic, Caper, Anchovy Sauce
1/2t     Aleppo
1T        Evoo
2t         Tzatziki Sauce
Farm Table Bratwurst
1ea      Brawt Bun      
1oz      Sauerkraut
1T        Mustard
1oz      Farm Table Sauce
1T        Rhubarb Chermoula
4-8ea   Pea Shoots (or any green)

Follow Your Heart Recipe
            Brat Buns
            Pickled Rhubarb
            Pickled Ramps
            Pickled Cucumbers
            Sliced Onion
            Seasonal Veggies
            Pea Guac
            Potato Salad