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Best Noodle Dishes in the Twin Cities

Food writer Mecca Bos shares the best noodle dishes you'll find at Twin Cities restaurants.


  • Kyatchi, Minneapolis and Saint Paul
    • What to order:
      • Curry Udon -- Bonito broth, Udon noodles, poached egg and veggie curry
      • Kisune Soba -- Bonito broth, Soba noodles, poached egg, kai-ware, green onion and wakame seaweed
      • Kaisen Yakisboa -- egg noodles, shrimp, scallops, cabbage, onion, poached egg, red ginger, Japanese mayo and nori seaweed flakes
  • Ramen Kazama, Minneapolis
    • What to order:
      • Karamiso -- topped with spicy ground pork and green onion
      • Tori Shoyu -- chicken-based broth topped with Chashu (pork belly), bamboo shoots, nitamago (boiled egg), green onions and nori
      • Tonkotsu -- ramen with pork bone broth, chashu, nitamago, bamboo shoots, kikurage (woodear mushroom), green onion and nori
  • JUN, Minneapolis
    • What to order:
      • Been Chow Fun -- hand-pulled noodles stir-fried with sliced beef, bean sprouts and onion
      • Dan Dan Noodles -- Wheat flour noodles with sesame paste, Chinese black vinegar, Sichuan peppercorn, soy sauce, garlic, red chili oil and spinach. Topped with ground pork, Sichuan vegetables and green onion
      • Braised Seafood Noodles -- Cantonese-style Yi Mein noodles braised and tossed with scallops, shrimp, calamari and Shanghai bok choy