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Loaded Waffle-on-a-Stick

Chef Mike Engel from Grand Casino uses the Minnesota State Fair to change up one of his breakfast recipes! 


6 fl oz Waffle batter                                                   
1 oz Ham, diced                                                       
1 oz Bacon bits, pre-cooked                               
1 oz Breakfast sausage, diced                            
½ oz  Pepper, diced                                                   
½ oz  Onion, diced                                                    
½ oz Tomato, diced                                                 
2 oz Maple syrup                                                     

1.       Preheat a waffle griddle.

2.       Place all ingredients except syrup into a mixing bowl and mix well.

3.       Pour mixture into waffle griddle and cook waffle according to spec.

4.       Remove waffle when cooked.

5.       Cut waffle in quarters.

6.       Shingle waffle on plate.

7.       Serve with Maple syrup.