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Fair Freebies D-I-Y Ideas for Back to School

If you're coming to the fair for all the delicious food, chances are you'll leave not only with a full belly but also a bag full of free stuff! TCL Craft Star, Alisun Abbott, showed us some unique back to school ideas you can do with some of your fair free freebies.


Brown Bag Lunch Notes: Free printed materials from various booths

1. Gather colorful paper products. ( State Fair cups work too.)

2. Punch materials with shape designs-cut-outs or cut shapes by hand.

3. Create a hole with a hole punch or scissors and loop with a pipe cleaner.

4. Poke hole in the brown lunch bag and loop pipe cleaner to secure bag closed.

Galaxy Lunch Box & Water Bottle

Free Insulated Lunch Bag from the MN Farm Bureau Federation  Q-25 West side of Underwood St between Dan Patch & Carnes Avenues

Free Water Bottle from Bethel University V-21 Education Building, Southwest Corner

 1. With fabric paint and sponges create galaxy shapes and swirls on to the canvas and water bottle.

2. With a fine paint brush and white paint, draw small dots and stars.

Shrinky Dink Key Chain & Button

Free plastic food container - number 6, and a variety of buttons from the Education Bldg.

 1. Look for clear plastic food container with the number 6 on the bottom surrounded by the recycle arrows.

2. Wash the container.

3. Cut or trim the container to the desired shape.

4. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

5. With permanent markers, create a design or a drawing onto the plastic.

6. Use a hole punch on the plastic if you would like to add your design to a key chain or jewelry.

7. Place plastic drawing on tinfoil on the lowest rack in the oven for under three minutes.

8. Let cool.

Marble Pencils

Free Pencils from the Oink Booth, Swine Barn, Stevens and Judson Street

 1. Cover both ends of the pencil with painters' tape or with tinfoil to prevent paint from going on these areas of the pencils.

2. Cover a cookie sheet or piece of cardboard with tinfoil.

3. Squeeze three, six inches lines of paint colors, three inches apart from on to the tinfoil. 

4. Roll the pencil through the paint colors.

5. Place the pencil with the wet paint on top of a bowl to dry.

6. Remove tape or tinfoil.

Tree Seedling, Teacher Gift 

Free Tree Seedlings from MN Forest Industries, V-21 Education Bldg.

 This would also be a charming measurement of growth and comparison for the first day and the last day of school photos. As a family plant, the tree in your yard or in a grandparents' yard and take first day and last day of school photos besides the growing sapling

If you are giving this gift to a teacher:

1. have your child decorate the outside of a disposable cup.

2.  Poke a few holes for drainage in the bottom of the cup.  

3. Add soil and plant the seedling.