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3/29 Super Bargain

It’s a workout that works your entire body. Lagree MSP is based in Plymouth and participants can burn up to 700 calories in one 50 minute class. Owner Chandra Rachel says many of her clients come in to alleviate lower back and joint pain.  Some of them are in their 60s.

It’s recommended to go no more than three times a week. You’re able to do what your body is able to do with no judgement. You also can modify the workout during the class to fit your ability.

Call (612) 382-4622 or email info@lagreemsp.com before April 30th to purchase a one-month membership for $129.50. That’s half off the regular price. Make sure to mention Twin Cities Live to get this rate.

Lagree MSP staff will invite you in for an orientation before your first session to make sure you’re comfortable with the equipment. They can also help you reserve a spot as they are limited.