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Good Company: NORTHMADE

March 1, 2017 is a big day for former Minneapolis Saint Paul Clothing Company. They celebrate a new look and a new name. The company will now be called Northmade. It will still showcase t-shirts that still have that Minnesota love, but will now be more inclusive of people who love all things north.

When Twin Cities Live first featured the company back in 2012, they were based in the owner’s apartment. The company is now in its own space in Northeast Minneapolis. Sales have jumped every year. Owners Kate and Clint McMahon say they never could have imagined how fast they would grow, but they are proud and grateful. They now work for their company full time.

Northmade has all sorts of designs for t-shirts, but have added sweatshirts, glassware and hats. Northmade is also giving back in a big way. There are several initiatives underway. For every hat sold, they donate one to Urban Ventures who gives them to people who are in need. There’s a custom designed shirt for Urban Venture. Northmade donates one shirt for every shirt sold on the website. Northmade also has a North Star Shoveling Club which actually helps people shovel out during winter weather.

To learn more and to shop, click here.