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Backyard DIY Don'ts

Not all backyard projects are ones you want to accomplish on your own. Mickman Brothers Certified Landscape Consultant, Anne Marie Moseman, stops by to share four projects that are better off done by the pros.

Anne Marie recommends consulting professionals with the following: 

  • Building a stone wall. They're heavier than you may believe, meaning heavy machinery might be needed to move them around your backyard. Not knowing how to use such equipment might tear up what is already in your yard. Also, the pros know how to make a wall pleasing to the eye.
  • Tree trimming. Trimming that isn't of quality may lead to diseases that could ultimately kill your tree. Or it could make them weaker and more prone to pests and other unwanted critters.
  • Irrigation. Irrigation works requires a lot of pipes and wires, not to mention that it's underground. 
  • Designing your backyard. Professionals have the knowledge about plants and where they thrive. They can also ensure that your entire backyard is cohesive.

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