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Mommy Workout

This is an effective 5 minute, total body workout for the pregnant mom, new mom, and busy mom. This workout combines bodyweight strength training exercises with low impact cardio, Lindsey Bomgren from Nourish Move Love shows you the perfect at-home mommy workout.

Perform each exercise for 30 seconds and repeat all 5 exercises x 2 sets for a quick, 5 minute workout. You can also repeat the workout x 4 sets for a 10 minute workout or repeat the exercises as many rounds as possible in 15-30 minutes if you want a longer workout.  There's no equipment required so you can do this workout anywhere, anytime! 


1. March in Place + Front Shoulder Raise 

2. Air Squats 

3. Double Side Step Squats

4. Alternating Reverse Lunge + Back Fly

5. Wide Knee Pulls