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Universal Eye Makeup

TCL Makeup Artist Julie Martin left an impression on us when she declared that eyebrows are the most neglected part of a woman’s face. That’s because the brows frame the face and can enhance the eyes. She stopped by the studios to give us another makeup lesson that includes the brow. It’s a universal eye look that Julie says will look good on everyone.

Step 1: Prep the Eye

  • Product: Restorsea Eye Cream
  • Hydrate firms and tighten. Mix in your concealer to brighten the undereye area without looking to thick and pasty

Step 2: Fill in Brows

  • Measurable Difference Brow Amp Shaping Kit
  • Doing this first gives you a map of where to put the eye shadow 

Step 3: Eye Shadow

  • Measurable Difference Wink Wink Eye Shadow
  • Apply Matte shadow all over the eye especially the inner corner

Step 4: Use Medium to Dark shadow

  • Measureable Difference Wink Wink Eye Shadow
  • Use a med/dark shadow to darken outer corner. The look is fading the colors from light to dark across the eye.

Step 5: Line the Eye

  • MD Liquid Liner in Espresso
  • line only the top of the eye
  • Soften with a dark matte shadow 


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