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Winter Workout Routine

No matter the weather, now is always a time to get moving! Owner of The Warehouse in Rosemount, Nickie Carrigan has great tips of how you can do a workout from home. You can try classes at The Warehouse for one month for a special rate of $50.

Squat x: Heats up your body temperature, and opens and lifts posture
Heisman: gets heart rate up, warms up body temperature. This works the muscles of the core. You can start slow, and increase speed for an added degree of difficulty.
Carioca: Improves agility and helps you stay strong and stable if you slip on the ice.
Roll up: Advanced move to rev your engine and free up your body to move.
Hip flexor/lunge stretch: Reversal of how we tend to walk around with shoulders in ears, and back hunched forward. The best stretch to counteract the effects of sitting.

Other tips

Keep a water bottle next to your bed and drink 20 oz before you eat. You gain strength, stamina, and determination you get from a workout and this helps you handle difficult tasks throughout the day.