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Good Company: Stevie Ray’s Comedy Cabaret

Stevie Ray has always been funny. In fact, he performed for the first time when he was just nine years old. He got the bug and the rest is history. Stevie went on to do something that was certainly not “normal”. He got a degree in humor. Yes, humor. It was so rare that he had two advisors and even had to do special curriculum to make it happen. It only makes sense that in 1989 Stevie started a spot where others could laugh, too. That’s when Stevie Ray’s Comedy Cabaret began.

Today, Stevie Ray’s is inside the Chanhassen Dinner Theatres. People from all over the cities come to laugh. The shows are fun and the humor is clean. The skills of improvisation are taught to actors, folks who just want to have fun and they also have a lot of professional folks that just want to learn communication skills.

Stevie Ray has hosted all sorts of workshops for the corporate world. They help with things like communication, sales and persuasion and professional thinking.

To learn more about Stevie Ray and his team, click here.