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Healthy and Happy Relationships

If your goal this Valentine's Day is to light the spark in your love life you can start by simply improving the way you greet your sweetie. Life and business strategist, Jasna Burza has tips on creating a healthy and happy relationship.

1.Greeting (Hello and goodbye) how do you greet one another?

With kids and responsibilities and over time, tenderness hugs or kisses or attention disappears.

Action item: Acknowledge your partner as they walk into the house or leave the house.

2 . Ask for what they want and need

A specific questions and making specific requests.

Here is a link to questions you can ask you partner: http://www.coachville.com/cforms/202relationshipquestions.pdf

3. Life goals: Visualize what you want

Build visions, goals and dreams together. One activity you could do is play the “magic wand” game with your partner. Ask you partner if you could have anything or do anything one month to a year from now what would it be? So many couples start to envision a different future individually and go their separate ways as a result. If you have separate goals, emotionally convey the other person why that is important and how it will or not affect your relationship. Create a vision board together or pick one date night and set goals for the following year.

 4. Share your love

Once activity couples can do is think back to when they fell in love and share a story.