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Mandy’s Farrell’s Fitness Challenge: Week 5

Five  weeks ago, TCL Executive Producer, Mandy Tadych committed to the Farrell’s 10-week Challenge.    She's been eating clean and working out six days a week ever since.   After 5 weeks, she’s lost a few pounds but most importantly has dropped her body fat by 3 percent and lost 8.5 inches.  She’s also significantly increased the amount of push-ups and sit-ups she can do – proving she’s getting stronger every day!   Farrell’s instructors say women usually see more weight loss and changes in the bodies during the second half of the 10-week session.  Mandy is excited to continue this journey and can’t wait to share the final results with all of you after March 18th!       

Farrell's next 10-week challenge starts April 8th.  Several locations are offering a “Get Fit and Healthy Together” special through  Valentine’s Day.  You could get up to $300 off enrollment for two (spouses, friends, relatives) at participating locations.  Visit joinfxb.com to find the location nearest you and more information.