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2/10 Movie Trip

TCL movie guy Paul Mcguire Grimes gives his opinion on two movies out in theaters. And a home release that both Steve and Elizabeth love.


THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE (theatrical release)

One of the best parts of that The LEGO Movie was its depiction of Batman, voiced by funnyman Will Arnett doing his best Christian Bale impression. Now Lego Batman has his own movie, and it lives up to the expectations of the first film. In a big sweeping opening scene, the Joker rounds up all of Gotham’s finest villains and plants a bomb at the energy facility plant. He naturally swoops in and saves the day in pure Batman fashion.  The Joker and his crew return for their revenge at a gala for Commissioner Jim Gordon’s retirement. They stage a big takeover leaving new commissioner, Barbara Gordon, and Batman scrambling to take control over the situation. In another surprise move, the Joker turns himself in and locks up the rest of his cronies. Batman’s ego starts to get in the way when gets the idea to send the Joker up into the Phantom Zone. Sounds great for the Caped Crusader but what he doesn’t realize is that he’s playing into the Joker’s hand. Batman beams him up to the Zone where the Joker joins forces with some of cinema’s greatest villains like King Kong, Godzilla, Sauron, Voldemort, and the Wicked Witch of the West. Back down in Gotham, Batman learns that he inadvertently agreed to take in an orphan boy. Surprise, its Dick Grayson, aka Robin! When the Joker and his swarm of villains strike down in Gotham, it becomes too great of a battle for Batman to face alone. He’s a guy that typically likes to work alone but calls on Barbara, Robin, and even Alfred to save Gotham.   

-Featuring the voices of: Will Arnett, Michael Cera, Rosario Dawson, Ralph Fiennes, Zach Galifianakis

-Acts as a big tribute to the Batman canon, multiple references to ALL of the previous movies and the old Adam West TV show.

-Like the first film, it is high energy right from the very beginning. Silly humor for the kids as well as some witty moments for the adults that will easily go over their kids’ head.

-Animation isn’t as detailed oriented as the first film which really adhered to everything looking and feeling like Lego pieces. Nor does this one have the “surprise” ending that the first film had.

-Leagues better than any of the recent DC movies. It’s a very self-aware movie as it knows it’s a Lego Batman movie and really plays into the fun of it. Doesn’t take itself too seriously.

-Contains a new theme song “Friends Are Family” highlighting one of the movie’s messages about the importance of family for both Batman and Robin and that it takes a village to make a change in this world. There’s also fun take on Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror”

Is It Worth Your Trip to the Movies? Everything is awesome with this sequel.



FIFTY SHADES DARKER (theatrical release)

When we last saw Anastasia “Ana” Steele and Christian Grey, they had broken up as Christian’s domineering ways were too much for Ana to handle. She’s only slightly moved on and is working for a publishing company. He desperately wants her back so he tries to win her over by buying her dozens of roses and several large photographs of her at a gallery showing. They meet for dinner where he wins her over, but only under her terms. There will be no rules, no punishments, and no secrets in the second attempt at their relationship. Ana and Christian take it easy but are finding that many outside sources are continually testing them. Ana’s boss at the publishing company is putting inappropriate moves on her jeopardizing the career she is trying to have. She also finds herself the target of two of Christian’s exes. One is a disturbed young girl who has had a suicidal past, and the other is a Mrs. Robinson type who happens to be a friend of Christian’s mom. Just when Ana thinks she has seen a new shade of Christian, it becomes hard to trust him all over again.

-Starring: Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson, Marcia Gay Harden, Kim Basinger, Rita Ora

-Dornan and Johnson have grown into their roles. I still don’t understand the appeal with his character, as he’s quite empty and controlling. Johnson makes Ana far more appealing, strong, and independent than she is in the books. So I’ve heard.

-I would assume it follows the book closely as Niall Leonard, the husband of author E.L. James, wrote the script.

-It becomes apparent very early on that there is little to no plot to this movie. I kept waiting for something to propel the action of this movie outside of the sex scenes, but nothing happens leading to it being drawn out and boring.

-Relies mostly on the eye candy that the audience is looking for. They’re going in looking for a slightly salacious romp, so it appeals to that aspect of what Fifty Shades is known for. This film pushes the boundaries far more than the first one.

-The only thing that separates this movie and a bad Lifetime movie is the nudity.

Is It Worth Your Trip to the Movies? There’s a problem when the theme song by Zayn/Taylor Swift is the best part of the movie.



TROLLS (home release)

Trolls has a fairly simple premise, but it’s pretty creative at the same time. The trolls are known to be the happiest creatures throughout all the land. All they know how to do is sing, dance, and hug. Their rivals, the Bergens, are gnome-like creatures who don’t know what it means to be happy. Every year they have a holiday known as the Trollstis where the Bergens are able to feel happiness when they eat a troll. During one particular Trollstis, when young Prince Gristle would taste his first troll, the trolls are able to escape to freedom. Twenty years pass and Princess Poppy decides to throw a huge party to celebrate their freedom. She wants to go all out with fireworks, music, and crazy invitations. Fellow troll Branch is a bit more cautious. He does not want to compromise their freedom by causing a scene. He spends his days in an underground bunker too afraid to be wild and free. Poppy’s party is a festive good time, but soon Branch’s prophecy comes true when banished Bergen Chef catches them and snatches up some of Poppy’s friends. Poppy and Branch set out to find their friends who are now in back at Prince Gristle’s castle.

-Featuring the voices of Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, Christine Baranski, Zooey Deschanel, Russell Brand

-Kendrick and Timberlake are an ideal match for Poppy and Branch. Both actors have voices that lend themselves easily to animated characters and both carry such joy in them that it effortlessly comes out in their work.

-One of the first things you will notice is that Trolls is so full of spunk. It’s one of the most colorful movies I have seen in quite some time.

-It is a musical with some original music and plenty of covers. Features Justin Timberlake’s new song “Can’t Stop This Feeling”, covers ranging from “True Colors”, “Move Your Feet”, and “September.” It has a Pitch Perfect vibe with a capella harmonies on some of the covers.

-Has a Cinderella type story to it when it comes to the bond between Prince Gristle and Bridget who is one of the maids of the castle. Poppy and some of the other trolls lend their happiness and artistic ways to give her a makeover in hopes of winning over the Prince. One of the themes of the movie focuses on how we accept ourselves for who we truly are and what it means to find happiness and love.

-While there are easy jokes and goofy characters, there is also a commitment to make even the smaller details pop. You can’t help but feel giddy throughout the movie as the concept of happiness radiates off the screen.

Is It Worth Your Trip to the Movies? It’s a jolly good time