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How To Live a Happier Life

Elizabeth and Steve chat with authors Tom Glaser and Chuck Bolton and life and leadership coach Barb Churchill to get their advice on how to live a happier life!
1. How much of our happiness is in our control and what causes unhappiness?
Research shows that circumstances only control 10% of your happiness. Lack of connections and not being present in the moment and failing to follow your passion causes unhappiness. 
2. What brings people the most joy?
The happiest people spend more time in a state of "flow” and  being more in flow is feeling spontaneous joy. You are also deeply connected with other and are self-aware. 
Action Steps – 
  • Mindfulness training is helpful 
  • Connect more with others
  • Give back
  • Express gratitude
3. What can people do to be happier?
Have a gratitude practice because you can't be in a bad mood and feel grateful at the same time.
Five steps to Your Best Self in 2017
1. The mind. It starts with mindsets and beliefs. 
2. Reinvigorate your relationships. Relationships account for up to 70% of happiness
3. Develop the happiness skills. Living your "why" and expressing gratitude are most important. 
4. Reinvent our energy, leverage time. 
5. Reinvent by training vs. trying. Develop routine and new habits.  
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