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Adopt Kolo

Sidewalk Dog’s Ali Jarvis introduces us to Kolo, 7 year old Siberian Husky who is looking for his forever home. Kolo’s family was moving and brought him into the vet to be euthanized.  The vet was able to talk the family into surrendering him to a rescue. Kolo loves to be with his people. He loves to be active on walks, runs and playing with other dogs. Though Kolo likes to be active, he is mellow when he is with his family.  He loves to play with other dogs and plays in typical husky fashion.  Kolo has been working on skijoring, dog sledding and scooter-joring.  Kolo will even be racing in the City of the Lake Skijoring Loppet on February 4th! Kolo is not a fan of being alone for too long.  He loves his people so much he likes to stick close to them. Kolo does have a high prey drive (like many Huskies do), which means that he likes small animals a little too much. For his safety and theirs, Kolo shouldn’t be around them. Kolo has epilepsy that is controlled by daily medication.  This means he will have periodic seizures for the rest of his life. When he first came to his foster family, he had seizures every 2-3 weeks. After working with a vet and trying some different medications, the frequency of those seizures has dropped dramatically. Over the past five months, Kolo only had seizures one day.

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Friendly Tap Rooms in Minneapolis

The City of Minneapolis may lift its ban on dogs inside taprooms connected to breweries.  Currently, health code doesn't permit dogs inside taprooms -- because dogs aren't allowed near food preparation, and water is considered "food." A proposed variance could change that this year. Many people have said they would welcome the change, since bringing a dog for drinks can contribute to the fun, social atmosphere. For Twin Cities dog lovers who would like to help make this happen, Sidewalk Dog started a petition.

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Doggie Depot:

While you wait for taprooms to become dog-friendly, there's another great chance to socialize indoors with your pup: Doggie Depot is coming to Saint Paul's Union Depot on Saturday, 2/4 from 10 am -1 pm.