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Good Company: Gartner Studios

Gartner Studios is based in Stillwater, but it’s making its mark all over the country. Greg Gartner started the company back in 1998. He wanted to make customizable holiday cards for folks from their home computers. One side had a design, the other was left for personalization. Many people worried the idea would fail, but it was a success.

In the beginning, Greg’s wife, his father in law, and other family members would help with packaging and mailing. Today, there are more than seven thousand products in more than fifteen thousand retailers across the country. They even have offices in other countries. Gartner Studios got its big break from Target in 2004 when they introduced the company’s stationary line.

Greg says his success is because of hard work and because of his team. They work hard and have a great passion for what they do. They are still based in Stillwater. Gartner Studios also has a store in Stillwater called Mara Mi. It has everything from stationary and thank you cards to wedding invites and storage boxes. It even has a section for bake goods.

Greg says his goal is to continue to make an impact on Stillwater and to sell products that people all over the country will love for years.

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