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Simonson’s Salon & Spa: Body Contour Purifying Wrap

So you've cut out sugar, you've been hittin' the gym, you're staying on track with your resolutions, but maybe you need a little pick me up. 
Would you ever guess that pick me up could come in form of plastic wrap?TCL Reporter Kelli Hanson takes us to Simonson's Salon and Spa to show us how wrapping the body can help you detox and slim down.
from $90  (80 min) 
series of 6 - $490  (save $50) 
In addition to the Purifying Wrap, Simonson’s offers take home products for enhanced results. 
Same exfoliant used during service at Simonson’s Salon & Spa
All-Natural papaya enzyme 
Removes dead skin and dilates capillaries which enables nutrients to get DEEP into the skin
Keep your skin radiant and smooth and helps the Maintain lotion (or anything you put on after) absorb more readily
Stimulates the metabolism of the skin/help keep your skin fresh and radiant 
Increase cell growth and speeds up skins regeneration process 
Same lotion used in wrap servicebut with smaller amounts of niacin and cassia
Maximize and preserve the contouring, tightening and inch loss achieved through the Body Wrap
Helps to soften, tone, tighten the skin and minimize the appearance of cellulite
Increases Circulation
Gives the skin a healthy glow
Cinnamon-scented lotion
**BUFF and MAINTAIN are 2-MUST HAVE products to incorporate into your daily body-care routine**
Apply 15 minutes before workouts to warm up muscles and joints, making them more pliable
Increases circulation to help the body eliminate toxins and in turn help sculpt/tone vulnerable area
Great way to MAXAMIZE your workouts! 
Maximize your Body Contour Wrap results with this full-body care kit to keep off the inches and maintain your new slimmer shape. 
Includes BUFF, MAINTAIN, HEAT and Cell-U-RID - specially formulated to be used in conjunction with body wrap - aid in the break down and removal of cellulite.
Use this in-between wraps for keep your results going or at home on their own. 
5. m’lis Total Body Cleanse
• 7 Day Health and Beauty Rejuvenation system 
• Designed to be quickest system for achieving the benefits of a truly clean body
• Easy to follow and safe (simplified daily packets and keeps up with your busy lifestyle)
o PREPARATION (days 1&2): includes Power Cleansing packets, Essential Greens packets and clean eating.
o LIQUID-ONLY DETOXIFICATION (days 3-5): includes water, fresh-squeezed veggie juice, lemon water, lemon mixture, Daily Antioxidant Essentials drink mix and herbal tea 
o REINTRODUCING FOODS (days 6&7): includes fruits, veggies, yogurt and the supplement packets.
m’lis Skin Products
1. REPAIR: Tissue Repair Cream
“Super hero in a bottle”
Helps combat all types of dry and damaged skin, including scars, stretch marks, burns/sunburns, eczema, psoriasis 
Originally formulated to minimize scar tissue formation following surgery
Combines the most powerful natural tissue re-builders available to reverse the scarring process
Ability to penetrate up to 25 cell layers (DEEP) to moisturize and provide nutrients to help damaged skin restore itself naturally
2. SOOTHE: Anti-Inflammatory Gel
Provides rapid relief of muscle and joint pain caused by injury, sprains, stiffness, arthritis, fibromyalgia
Reduce inflammation and clam muscles/nerves
3. VANISH: Spider Vein Cream
Formulated by Holistic Vascular Surgeons
This break-through contains vitamins and organic plant-based extracts to diminish spider veins by producing blood support and strengthening capillaries
Clinical studies show a 90% success rate
See results in as little as 3 weeks
Also, used to reduce appearance of bruises or discoloration
*Product & Purifying Wrap Deal*
Receive 20% OFF all M’lis Body Rejuvenation Products through February 14th at Simonson’s Salon and Spa!
Mention “New Experience Deal” when scheduling your first Body Contour Purifying Wrap and get 10% off.   
When receiving a series of wraps, it's recommended that they be at least 3-4 days apart.  Consult your Simonson's Massage Therapist or Aesthetician to put a plan together to fit your results and budget.