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Prep Your Winter Skin

We're smack dab in the middle of winter and that means your skin is probably feeling it right? If your face is little too dry, red, maybe you feel like it looks a little dull. TCL Makeup Artist Julie Martin says prepping your skin is key to looking refreshed.
1. Measurable Difference Lifting Cream - Julie says she’s noticed that most of her clients forget to use skin care on their necks. She suggests Measurable Difference Lifting Cream to hydrate, smooth and tighten. She also says remember to exfoliate your neck! 
2. Tension Reducing and Energizing Aromatherapy Mist
Use this on your entire body and/or face. Tension Reducing Mist’s key ingredient is lavender, which is calming and soothing to dry, red winter skin. Measurable Difference’s Energizing Mist contains rosemary, basil, peppermint to stimulate your skin as well as hydrating properties.
3. Deluxe Face Mask Pack - 4 different masks 
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