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Keeping Your Family Moving Forward in 2017

Erika Katz is a parenting expert and author who stopped by to share ways she's planning on keeping her family moving forward in 2017. Including helping her kids with their confidence by using Invisalign instead of traditional braces.

Here are Erika's five goals for the new year:

Be On Time - She says to instill in your children the importance of being on time (or early!) because it can help with organization, prioritization and management. She also recommends using The Homework App to track their assignments.

Boost Confidence - Erika's two children have both used the Invisalign system instead of traditional braces. The tray system is not as noticeable as metal braces and is easier to manage when it comes to things like mealtime. Through January 31st, 2017, they are offering the Invisalign Teen Guarantee, which says that if you are not happy with Invisalign within 6 months, a participating doctors will switch the teen to traditional wire braces at no additional cost. For more information, click here

Be Prepared - Erika says to make sure your kids are doing the work needed to be successful. If they get a low grade on a memorization assignment, they simply were not prepared. Work with them until they are ready for their next challenge.

Observe and Listen More - She says it's important to sit down with your teens and talk through their goals and what you can do to help them acheive those goals.

Family Meal Time - Erika believes family meals are important. Be sure to sit down together several times a week. Not only can it be cheaper and healthier, it's a great time to touch base and make sure everyone is on track to have a great 2017!

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