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Be Well with TCL: Truth Behind Health Headlines

The research from health studies frequently make news headlines, and sometimes, people come to conclusions without reading all the details. TCL producers showed three headlines to Dr. Ryan Dick from Entira Family Clinics to straighten out sensationalized news reports.

1. Are prenatal vitamins worth the money? This article says that often times expensive prenatal vitamins are not worth the investment. Dr. Dick notes that some women need more than just Vitamin D and folic acid. It's also important for women to take folic acid during their childbearing years. 

2. This headline and article say that the flu is getting worse. Dr. Dick notes that it is still early in the flu season, but there is an uptick in the number of cases of the flu being reported. It is not too late to get a flu shot, and Dr. Dick recommends it for those under the age of five, over the age of 65, and for pregnant women.

3. A recent study concluded that a 'Weekend Warrior' approach to exercising, meaning that longer workouts on the weekends hold the same benefits as shorter workouts during the week. Dr. Dick notes that exercise is good whenever you can fit it in your schedule.  

If you have questions about your health, it's recommended you consult with your doctor. If you are searching for one, connect with Entira Family Clinics online.