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New Year’s Intentions DIY

Within the New Year under way, it seems like it’s a natural time to reset or reflect on how we want to spend our time in the New Year. Alisun Abbott Style shows us three ways to recharge, refocus or realign our New Year’s intentions and resolutions.

Project One: Make someone’s Day with 10, 000 Thanks

What could happen if we collectively tried to be more thankful, more connected, and more committed to championing others? Sometimes we just need someone in our corner.  This project is a simple and fun way to be someone’s cheerleader, say thanks, and build a happy community.

For this Project You Will Need:

-              Access to a Computer and Color Printer

-              Card Stock or perforated, blank Business Cards ( purchased from an office supply store )

Print these fun Minnesota themed cards and scatter them around your workplace, pack in the kids’ lunches or leave in library books for others to find.

There are two options to download: Option One has lines to cut around if you are printing these on plain cardstock, Option Two is without lines and this is intended to be printed on perforated business card paper.


Project Two: Visual your New Year’s Intentions and Make Inspirational Art

Visualization plays a role in successful goal setting.  Is there one action you want to focus on this year?  This project allows for you to literally spell-out what you are wanting to be or bring into your life.

For this Project You Will Need:

-              Canvas Artwork, I picked up three small canvases from the thrift store

-              Vinyl Letters, purchased from the hardware store

-              Acrylic Pant

-              Paint Brush

-              Small Cup of Water

Identify what you want your artwork to say: maybe it’s a powerful quote, a nudge to drink more water or a call to action to be more present in your daily life.

Before you start to apply the vinyl letter decals to your canvas, make sure you have enough letters to completely spell out your message.  For one project, you may need two or three packs of vinyl letters.

After you apply the letters to the canvas, choose your paint color.

Apply a thin coat of paint to your canvas. I prefer to dilute my paint a bit first by having a watery paint brush.

Let the paint dry a few minutes before you remove the vinyl letters.

Viola, you created inspirational artwork that will recharge your New Year’s resolutions!


Project Three: Making Better use of Time

This project is a playful reminder as how you want to actively spend your time.  Is there an activity that you want to do more of in the New Year? Do you want to have more fun? Do you want to read more?  The possibilities of this project are endless with a clock kit; you can make just about any object into a clock!

For this Project You Will Need:

-          A Clock Kit, available at hardware stores, craft store and online

-          Objects you are inspired by

-          Exacto Knife, potentially

-          Hammer, potentially

-          Drill, potentially

-          Felt tip pen, potentially

Do you want to read more in the New Year? A charming book clock may inspire you to stay true to your intention to read more.

After opening your book cover, trace the battery pack of your clock kit onto the page of your book.  Once the majority of the pages are cut out into the square shape, the battery pack will nestle in and fit into this square cut-out.

With your Exacto knife, begin to cut the outline of the battery pack. It may take 15 minutes to completely cut the square shape into the book pages.

Once the square, clock kit battery pack is firmly in place in the book pages, open the book’s cover.

Identify the middle of the book’s cover.

With a hammer and nail or with a drill, create a hole in the center of the book’s cover.

After you create the hole in the center of the book’s cover, follow the clock kit’s directions to assemble to clock pieces.