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Patriots Day

Patriots Day is a movie based on true events during the Boston Marathon bombings. It happened April 15,2013. The story does touch on terrorism and the search for the two men involved in the bombings. However, the big part of the story is a message of courage and love. It’s not just about being Boston Strong. It’s about having a strong country.

Several people who were involved in the investigation, the search and even the capturing of the terrorists helped with the movie. The goal was to get it right and accurate. Many of the locations in the movie are in the same spot where things happened before, during and after the bombings. Some of the victims also helped the actors by telling them how they felt, where they were and what was going through their minds.

Mark Wahlberg is a Boston native. He says the time to share the story is now because acts of terrorism are still happening today.

“Patriots Day” also stars veteran actors Kevin Bacon and John Goodman. TCL Reporter Emily Engberg calls the movie moving and one of the best movies she saw in 2016.

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