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Good, Better, Best: For Your Teeth

When you’re in the toothpaste aisle, staring at the many options in front of you, do you have a go-to brand or do you buy the cheapest?

Dr. Scott Shamblott from Shamblott Family Dentistry says there are good brands and then there are great ones. Dr. Shamblott stopped by with his picks for good, better, best on everything you’ll find in the dental aisle.

1. Toothbrush
**not a huge difference between better and best**
+ GOOD: Walgreens Elite
+ BETTER: Oral B Pro Health All- in- One
+ BEST: Colgate Total 360

2. Electric toothbrush
**huge difference between better and best**
+ GOOD: Arm & Hammer Spinbrush
+ BETTER: Colgate Total Advanced
+ BEST: Sonicare Flexcare Platinum

3. Toothpaste
+ GOOD: Crest Cavity Protection
+ BETTER: Crest Pro Health
+ BEST: Colgate Total

4. Denture/Retainer Cleanser
+ GOOD: Walgreens Brand
+ BETTER: Polident
+ BEST: Efferdent

5. Mouthwash
+ GOOD: Listerine Zero
+ BETTER: Crest Scope
+ BEST: Crest Pro Health

6. Whitening
**there are several OTC brands -- white strips, etc**
+ BEST: Ultradent -- only available at dentist's office

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