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Good Company: Rustica Bakery

Rustica Bakery is a go to for many folks looking for that sweet fix or good cup of coffee. It has a special feel of a neighborhood hot spot and that’s exactly what has made Rustica Bakery so popular. It has locations in Minneapolis, Edina and Mall of America. It will soon open a fourth location in Wayzata.

Rustica Bakery was started in 2004 by Steve Horton.  Steve is a talented and passionate baker. His skills have been recognized nationally. Today, his friend Greg Hoyt runs the company. Greg says it’s Steve’s vision that still makes the company successful. It’s also the people who work for the company. Some of the bakers come in around midnight, but they truly love what they do. That includes Ben Spangler. Ben comes up with unique flavors for all sorts of goodies. Ben says it’s the thrill of seeing people happy that makes his job worthwhile.

Rustica Bakery sells more cookies than anything. It’s estimated that about 50,000 cookies are sold every month. They can be found online and in other restaurants, too.

In addition to pastries, desserts and cookies, there’s also coffee. Greg and his business partner started Dogwood Coffee at Rustica. Now there are three local locations and one in Canada.

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