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What’s Draining You?

If the kids getting back to school means your routine is back to normal, you may feel like you’ve got it all together. But if you're still feeling drained or like you're running on empty, it could mean you need to get rid of what's zapping your energy. Leadership and Life Coach Barb Churchill stopped by to teach us do just that.  

1. Start at home
+ go room by room (start in the least cluttered room)
            - what do you love? What drains you?
            - make a list of what to remove
            - if you don't like making lists, try the Trello app
            - each room could have its own board on Trello. You can use it to document the tasks at hand: give to goodwill, throw away, paint, clean carpet, etc.

2. Set a completion date
+ be realistic
+ start small to be successful
**do no more than 2-3 items per week so you can feel the victory of accomplishment on a consistent basis**

3. Expand your reach
+ look at scheduled commitments for "shoulds" or "have tos"
+ decide what to remove
+ cancel commitments -- "no that doesn't work for me"
Follow this formula: (call the person)
• state original reason you agreed
• state why that reason has changed
• tell them you are now not able to honor this commitment
• apologize for the inconvenience and offer to help in another capacity
**stick with short and sweet**

Remember, honest is the best policy. We might be tempted to tell a little white lie, but don't do it. Honesty is the best solution and people will respect you for it.