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Adopt Winnie

Sidewalk Dog’s Ali Jarvis introduces us to Winnie, two year old  Australian Cattledog/Border Collie mix who is looking for her forever home. 

Winnie came to Second Hand Hounds from one of our rescue partners in Missouri. She was brought to a rural pound and no one came to claim her. Winnie is a great mix of snuggly/cuddly and playful. She likes to be near people and will follow her foster mom around the house. She loves to play with toys and other dogs. She gets along great with dogs of all sizes. She is an A+ snuggler. She has a mild case of separation anxiety but it has gotten better with time. One quirk from this is when she's let outside to potty for the first time after her foster gets home, she won't leave the deck because she just wants to be near her human. If her foster mom goes outside, she'll run into the yard and do her business without issue. If you don't, she might have an accident in the house. She doesn't have this quirk during other potty breaks. She's potty trained on a schedule and is learning to tolerate being in a crate.  Winnie would do best in a home where someone is home more often than not. Her separation anxiety has gotten much better in the last few weeks but should still prefers to be around people. She can be vocal in her crate, so no shared walls is also ideal. She would also love to have another playful dog as a sibling.

For more information on adopting Winnie, click here.