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Bar Stool Workout

Ali Holman from Core Camper shows us how to take that bar stool from your breakfast nook and put it to work with a fun and lively workout!

Ali Demonstrated:

  • Bar Stool Single Leg Deadlifts: One hand on stool, bring leg closest to stool back and touch ground w/opposite hand
  • Happy Hour Crawls:  Feet on stool, hands on ground, crawl legs
  • In & Out of the Bar:  Knee pull ins, feet inside and outside of bar stool legs
  • Flying Stools: Hands on stool, feet wide, jump bringing rear to air
  • Stool Oblique Crunchers:  One hand on stool, body at angle, bring elbow to knee
  • Roundhouse kicks: Arms up, roundhouse kick over stool
If you want more workouts from Ali, visit her website, CoreCamper.com!