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DIY Fun to Ring in 2017

When Christmas falls on a weekend, it gives you a few extra days to just relax and enjoy the family. And this year New Year’s Eve is on a weekend too! That means a little extra party time! TCL’s Craft Star, Alisun Abbott stopped by with her DIY ideas to put a little more sparkle into your celebration.

Sparkly Giftable Bottles

‘Tis the season to need a last minute gift.  This project is easy on the wallet, quick to create and surely will add twinkle to anyone’s eyes.  Make a few of these in advance so that you can keep one on your holiday bar cart!

For this project you will need:

-          Glass bottle
-          Glitter
-          Spray Adhesive
-          Glossy Adhesive
-          Painters Tape

Step One: Prep the bottle by removing any price tags and then add painters’ tape to protect any surface were the beverage may touch.

Step Two: Generously spray the bottom portion of the bottle with the spray adhesive. Sprinkle the glitter onto the bottle that has adhesive. It looks great to create an ombre effect on the bottle by using three different colors of glitter.

Step Three: Spray the glitter portion of the bottle with a clear glossy adhesive. This product typically has a strong odor so I strongly recommend doing this portion of the project in a well-ventilated area or outdoors. Let the project sit for an hour before removing the painters tape and adding a gift tag.


Personalized Drink Tag

This DIY project will personalize your guests’ experience, is an instant conversation started, and hopefully will cut-down on unclaimed beverages. Encourage guests to take their tags home to be added to their trees, Christmas stocking or to top their gifts.

For this project you will need:

-          Photos of your guests
-          Scotch Thermal Laminator ( $25 includes laminator pouches!)
-          Laminator Pouches
-          Hole Punch
-          Scissors
-          Wire or String
-          Buttons, beads (not necessary but fun)

Step One: Print color copies of your friends. I put six photos per 8X10 sheet.

Step Two:  Turn your laminator on and select desired heat setting. While laminator is heating-up, insert your color copies with the photos of your friends into the laminator pouch.

Step Three: Insert the laminator pouch into the laminator. Gently guide the laminated sheet out of the laminator.

Step Four:  Cut the laminated photos into your desired shape. I used a large circular hole punch and then used a very small hole punch to the top of the photos, this is where you will add a wire loop.

Step Five:  Create a smaller area on your bar for guest to personalize their drink tag. Include wire, buttons and beads.


In-home Balloon Drop

For this project you will need:

-          Christmas Tree netting
-          Twine or heavy fishing line
-          Balloons
-          Command Metal Hooks

Step One: Tie one end of the netting.

Step Two: Lay the net on a flat surface and cut a straight line from the knotted end to the open end of the net.

Step Three: Weave twine or fishing line to close the netting that you just cut. This will be the area where the balloons will drop-out-of. Leave a long section of the twine or fishing line as you will need this to pull through the net to release the balloons.

Step Four: Fill the netting with blown-up balloons. No Helium needed.

Step Five: Tie the open end of the netting.

Step Six: Attach the ends of the netting to the Command Metal Hooks.

Step Seven: When you are ready to release the balloons, pull the twine or fishing line through the net. Voila, in home balloon drop!