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Shopping Post-Holidays

The holidays can be filled with lots of shopping, but post-holidays is a great time to head back into the stores and pick up some great deals. Our Super Saver Carrie Rocha from Pocket Your Dollars shares her advice below!

1. What to know about returns - especially Amazon and other online retailers:
  • Even with a gift receipt most major stores (Target, Walmart, Best Buy) will issue you store credit not cash back. In most cases cash back would be in the form of a credit on the original debit or credit card used to make the purchase. If you don’t want the charge back on that original card, then you get a gift card.
  • Amazon return process
    • Initiate your return online
    • Print a return shipping label
    • Send the item back before January 31, 2017 to get a full refund
    • You’ll be refunded less the shipping cost
    • In some situations with DVDs, video games, and software you’ll be charged a restocking fee if the package was opened
2. How to handle unwanted gift cards
  • A tip - before you decide you don’t want the gift card be sure to check the retailers website as they often carry more products online than they do in store and maybe you’ll find something that suits your fancy.
  • If you want to sell an unwanted gift card I’d recommend a trusted marketplace like Raise.com or Cardpool.com. Depending on the brand you’ll get 65-92% of the card’s face value in cash
3. Primer on post-Christmas shopping
  • Clearance deals
    • Holiday décor – this has started in stores like Michael’s, but the day after Christmas is a big rush
    • Multi-purpose décor – buy marked down holiday stuff that can be used at other times
      • Wrapping paper that doesn’t have obvious holiday designs can be used for birthday gifts year-round
      • Red plates and tablecloths for Valentine’s Day and Green for St. Patrick’s
      • High school graduations and team events – pick up décor in school colors as holiday décor comes in lots of colors: red, green, blue, white, silver,  gold, maroon
    • Winter gear – buy the next size up for your kids
    • Toy clearance – I expect stores like Target and Walmart to mark down toys 50-70% off around January 1 (the date changes from year to year). Restock your gift box for upcoming birthdays and holidays 
  • January deals – after the New Year look for deals on these sorts of things:
    • Home office/organization supplies to help with resolutions to get organized
      • Includes: labelers, plastic bins and tubs, file folders, pen cups and other desk organizers
    • Name brand TVs are typically their best prices of the year mid-month – just after Consumer Electronics Show and just in time the Super Bowl