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Good Company: Love Your Melon

It was March of 2013 when we first met the team behind the company, “Love Your Melon”. The team really only consisted of Zach Quinn and Brian Keller. Two friends who went to St. Thomas together. They were in an entrepreneurship class and as part of their class project, they started “Love Your Melon”.

The idea behind “Love Your Melon” is simple. Put a hat on children who are battling cancer in Minnesota and across the country. A portion of the profit from all Love Your Melon products is donated to nonprofit partners who help fight pediatric cancer. When you buy a “Love Your Melon” hat, one is donated to children fighting cancer.

Back then, the company was being run by Zach and Brian in their apartment. They had friends and family who would volunteer to help with the company. Today, there are about 20 employees. They have an office and a big warehouse in Minneapolis. There are some 12,000 college ambassadors on campuses across the U.S. to help spread the message about helping kids.

“Love Your Melon” isn’t just a hat company. It’s an apparel company that has shirts, mugs, bags, and more.

To date, more than 85,000 hats have been donated. $1.5 million has also been donated. The first year, “Love Your Melon” had revenue of $61,491. This  year, they are looking at $18 million. Things are growing so fast that the team is evaluating where some of that money will be best spent to make sure they can continue to grow and help kids fighting cancer.

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