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How To Expand Your Holiday Wardrobe On A Budget

Holiday parties are nothing if not an excuse to go out and get a fun new outfit...i'm thinking sequins and gold.

But come January 1st...that fun new outfit goes into hiding in your closet. Often never to be heard from again.  That should not be.  Here with creative ways to wear your party looks after the holidays...is Arc's Value Village lead stylist, Michelle Raven. 

1.Classic Christmas holiday look to preppy and chic

Tip: Try using clip-on earrings to add a festive embellishment

2. Festive and fun look to trendy and bold
Tip: Dramatic, voluminous sleeves are a having a major moment in fashion right now.

3. NYE Glam to Mixed Metallics

4. Blue & silver to casual and cool

Tip: Showing a little shoulder is very on-trend**
*if you're handy with a pair of scissors, you can create your own on the cheap with a thrifted sweatshirt and a quick diy tutorial*