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Holiday Gift Giving and Etiquette

Even though everyone's texting and Facebooking these days, a nice pen set still makes a great gift. Executive coach and presence engineer Roshini Rajkumar shares a few of her favorite gifts and gives advice on holiday etiquette.

1. Gift Ideas

Roshini recommends authentic and unique gifts, such as that nice pen set, elegant stationery or a framed photograph with special meaning. Also, if you're looking for a special idea, consider giving the gift of travel. You could take family members on a trip, send one parent on a special vacation with one of your children or do a "staycation" in town with everyone instead. 

2. Holiday Etiquette

Roshini says that in her opinion, gift cards are okay! She gets a lot of use out of them and they end up being helpful and appreciated. And be sure to write those thank you notes! They are a lot more meaningful than a text. If you're going to a party, you can definitely bring a host gift - just make sure you know a little something about the person before you pick that up. 

3. Holiday Parties

Whether it's a work party, a social get-together or a family event, Roshini has a quick tip: either hold a plate of food or your drink - never both at the same time. That way you always have one hand free to shake someone's hand or greet a new person. And make sure you don't overdo it at the party -when you or your significant other has had a little too much to drink, it's time to call that Uber and go.

Roshini is a communications coach, speaker and author. You can find out more about her services and pick up a copy of her book "Communicate That!" on her website.